How to sell your used car really fast?

The 10 stages in the strategy of selling a used car fast

1.Look at the sales scenario of used cars.
Used family sedans can be sold for a good price while used trucks and vans could also fetch a lot of money. At times, collector cars bring considerable money. You should do research in the internet to find out the advertised price quote of the car which is is similar to your car in make, year, model, mileage, geographic location etc. This is probably your first step to have an idea of the price of your used car.

2.Fix a price that will attract the buyer and will simultaneously be lucrative to you.
Suppose for your used car , you reasonably expect a price of $13,000. It is smart to put the price as $13,500 instead of $13,000 for the simple reason that the buyer, in any case, will want to settle for $13.000 and you wont be losing anything.

3.Give your car the "Curb Appeal".
When a prospective buyer sees car he should be rather impressed by the appearance of your car. To achieve this, giving the car a good wash, doing yourself minor repairs, removing the junk from the inside, cleaning the windows and wiping the brake and wheel covers all will give a good appeal to the prospective buyer. Even you can do the routine servicing and oil change. Get the mechanic's report ready. Visit and update your car history.

4. Where to advertise your car
Now, you have to give an ad to sell your used car. Previously, people give ad in newspapers that is not only expensive but also inconvenient. Now-a days the preferred method is online ad that is more convenient and has more geographical coverage. We offer sell my car for free online by allowing you to post your used car for sale for free and sell fast. Your car will be listed on all major used cars for sale websites including ours. List your car for free.

5. Your ad
Your used car ad should contain details like year, make, trim level, mileage, color, condition etc. A good photo of the car will all the way go to make the ad more attractive. If your ad contains certain abbreviations and phrases it will serve the purpose more effectively. 'Must sell' means you are leaving the town and want to sell the car immediately. 'OBO' means ' Or Best Offer' and implies the price is negotiable. 'Asking Price' means also negotiable but at a different level. 'Firm' means not negotiable. It goes without saying to include your contact phone number and email id in your ad.

6.Inspection of the car by the buyer.
If some one calls you in response to your ad, talk to him and you should be able to conclude whether he is serious about buying a used car. If not, wait for a genuine buyer. Suppose he wants to see the car and you don't want to give him your address. In that case, you ask him to come to a nearby mall or park. Keep in mind that the buyer also will want to evaluate you. To all his questions about the car, give straight answers. If he wants to test-drive find out he has a driver license. Ride along with him in the car not only to answer his questions about the car but also to guide him in the area. Provide him with your mechanic's report in case he asks for it. Nevertheless, he wants his mechanic's report. Oblige him or reject the offer if you doubts about his bona fides.

7. Negotiating for the best price.
After the test-drive, the prospective buyer may say, "I like the car, but...". This implies that the buyer wants to negotiate on the price. It is very tactical if you could say, How much you are willing to pay. The buyer may "What is your best price? expecting the seller to reduce the price. "Would you accept.....?" The buyer has decided and is making an offer "take it or leave it". He may leave that day and return the next day to pay your price. You may think of many such openers to initiate dialogs and be prepared for such encounters. It is a good idea to stick to your initial price without compromise in the first few days of your ads. If nobody turns up to buy then you have to offer at a lower price. Sometimes, people may email you to negotiate on the price. But, in such cases, it is but proper for you to reply "First come and see the car and then we can talk about the price".

8.Dealing with some complications.
Sometimes, situations like doing repairs, may arise. It is the best way to keep the car road-worthy and in your ad make "As is" prominent. Yet, the buyer may want the car to be taken to his mechanic who may point out new questions about the car's condition. In such cases either you could agree on a reduced price or split the repair cost. It is to be borne in that older the car, more problems the mechanics likely to find. You cannot expect a used car, especially an old one to free from troubles.

9. Final transaction.
Rules regarding the sale of motor vehicles vary from one state to another. Still, all the information can be found in the DMV( Department of Motor Vehicles) website. Your job is over once you receive the money, record the the odometer reading, sign's the car's title over to the buyer and download the release of liability from DMV website. After this, you will not be held responsible for the liability caused by the buyer. Suppose you have some more monthly payments due to the bank. Make those payments and close the car loan and do the above for transferring the title to the buyer. Do not forget to call your insurance agent for canceling the policy held on the sold car.

10. After the sale.
In most states, for a used car no warranty is implied or provided. After your sold it, in the event of a breakdown you are obliged neither to refund the money to the buyer nor to pay for repair cost . You took the car to a mechanic who found the car in good condition. Be frank about the condition of the car before sale and complete the DMV paper in time. You should be happy you sold your used car at a reasonable price and the next owner had a reliable transportation. Both should be happy for making a smooth sale.

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